Shiva Turbo Nano-Silver Titanium Flat Iron Pro FLAT IRON SHIVA

Shiva Turbo Nano-Silver Titanium Flat Iron Pro | 1/2 Inch

With Advanced Micro-Processor Insanely Great Design & Technology to Produce the Most Outstanding Performance!

1/2 Inch

Important Features & Benefits:

• Titanium Plates Provide Smoothest Surface Half Inch 
(No Friction, Drag, or Pull)

• Floating Plates Produce Uniform Pressure with Least Amount of Work

• Reach Maximum Temperature 450°F in under 60 Seconds

• Accurate to Less than 2% from Temperature Setting (Always Getting True Temp)

• Nano-Silver Kills Bacteria & Germs Instantly

• Negative Ions Straighten Hair Faster without Damage to the Hair

• Ceramic Heater Holds Temperature Longer

• Instant Heat Recovery in under 5 Seconds

• Automatic Cut-Off Switch to Prevent Overheating

• Non-Use Rest State Saves Electricity • Safety Plug with Breaker

• Ergonomically Designed for Straight and Curly Styling

• Suitable for All Hair Types, Just Adjust Temperature

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